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How to get rid of stripes on your TV screen

Stripes may appear on your TV screen due to various reasons. However, irrespective of what may cause these stripes on your TV screen, we’ve listed below 5 tips that can help you get rid of stripes on your TV screen.

So, if you without further ado, here’s how to get rid of stripes on your TV screen.

  • Turn the TV off and on.
  • Check the video cables.
  • Switch between sources.
  • Update the software.
  • Reset your TV to factory settings.

Turn the TV off and on

Shut down the TV, unplug the power line, and stand by 2 minutes. At that point plug in the power cable and turn the TV on once more.

Check the video cables

Eliminate the video cord from your TV and every single associated source, for example, your Blu-ray player or game support. At that point reconnect them. In the event that you actually see the stripes thereafter, attempt another cable.

Switch between sources

Switch with your controller between TV programs and the video channels of the associated sources. Do you just see stripes on the screen of a gadget? At that point open the gadget’s menu and change the resolution to coordinate the resolution of the TV. Which resolution this is expressed in the TV manual. In the event that solitary the TV programs show stripes, the issue is most likely your sign or decoder. For this situation, contact your supplier.

Update the software

Picture mistakes are frequently brought about by obsolete programming. This makes it significant that you routinely update the product of your TV. How you do this varies per TV. For more data, see the manual of your TV.

Reset your TV to factory settings

In some cases a TV can’t appropriately deal with a mix of picture settings, causing picture blunders. For this situation, I prescribe that you reset the TV to the industrial facility settings. This way you reset all settings to their unique state.


What causes vertical lines on TV screen?

The most widely recognized reason for this is that the T-Con board is breaking down. You need to check if all the wirings are fixed safely and there are no free associations. Now and again, the T-Con board may be harmed or flawed. In these cases you need to supplant the board.

Why is there a black horizontal line on my TV screen?

Even lines are only brought about by bombed Gate drivers on the board. They are important for the board and can not handily supplanted (requires extraordinary gear). You can generally check the little strip links that associate from the driver board (part of the board) to the LCD board itself.

Why is there a line on my LG TV screen?

A terrible cable, or a cable that isn’t safely attached to the information/output ports, can disturb the signal and cause even or vertical lines. Confirm that the link being used is made sure about accurately at both the outside gadget and the TV.


So you see, getting rid of strips on your TV screen is quite easy. Be that as it may, if after trying out these tips and noting seems to work, I’ll suggest you contact a professional.